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Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

September favorites my first video is online :)

Today I wanna show you my favorites for the month of september. I'm really excited because this is not what I normally do. But after all I like making videos and there will be more in the future. I hope you like it and sorry I was a little bit nervous :-) Maybe you subscribe my channel and my blog, it would mean the world to me ♥

Montag, 26. September 2011

time and light

let me show you my new YSL Lipstick in number 2.
I love this lipstick because it has a smooth formula and it's really creamy.But seriously I just bought it because I'm obsessed with the package. It look so chic and adult :)  In my opinion they don't stay on for hours but long enough for me, because I always have something to drink or to eat. I swear if you would meet me I probably would have something to eat in my hand so I think I'm not the best person to wear a lipstick :D

the ring I bought last week too.

Do you have an YSL Lipstick or which lipstick do you love??

Samstag, 17. September 2011

Shoe Porn

Here are my new babies. I still love wegdes and I'm going to wear them tonight at the 'I like' Party maybe with leather pants and a black silk blouse.

Hope u like them

Chinese Laundry - 89,95 €

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Cotton candy and caramel

....this is how the new scent Candy by Prada smells. It's really sweet mix with caramel and musk but light enough for day. I love the package ♥

Bought at Douglas 30ml 56,-€

Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Chanel Illusion d'ombre & Quartz

bought in a duty free store at frankfurt airport. I really love the color of the eyeshadow. It's easy to blend and has a nice shimmer. The color is Illusoire, a nice dark purple with glitter. It comes with a small brush, which I don't recommend at all.

Make up haul USA

Here are some Pics of my make up I bought in Florida. If you're interested in reviews or swatches please leave a comment.

I'm totally into Rimmel Lipsticks. They're great

Essie Fall Collection 'lady like'

I bought some Essie Nailpolish in Orlando. This is Lady like, one of the new fall collection. This is the only color I really liked, but the star is carry on, a dark wine red.  I don't know if it's available in Germany right now, but if not it'll come soon.

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Florida impressions

2 days left in germany and I miss the USA. The weather, the food, the people. for me, everything is so much more interesting there.

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